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Resumé's 101: read this before submitting

Making sure your resumé is perfect is essential. For the most part you'll want to go with the one page rule of thumb unless you just have an insane amount of education and work history. Do you know why? Because employers simply won't read it. I know I know, "but every detail is really important." No, it's not. Use bullet points and get to the point otherwise you'll most likely be skimmed over. Think about it... do you read long emails? Simply put; no.

If you need help setting up your resumé this is a great resource for you here. It's a website that gives you free templates for your resumé. Another great place to have your resumé is your LinkedIn profile. (Always ask a friend to proofread (; ) You might already know this, but you'd be surprised how many people don't know to not include color. You want to stand out? Include a cover letter; do not make your resumé anything but basic. And don't worry, this is the only time I'll tell you to be #basic.

If you don't have an updated resumé make sure you're keeping it up to date because you never know who is going to come asking for it. Speaking of which, if you have your resumé on our Features Resumé's tab, make sure we always have the most up to date one! If you haven't sent yours in yet send it to We make featured posts about women in hospitality on our Instagram whether you're looking for a job or own your own company. Let's stay in touch!

Once you’re happy with your resumé make sure you have it saved not only on your computer easily accessible, but also on your phone in your files. This way you can email it to people when you're on the go and also upload it anywhere anytime.

What do you think is the exception to a 2 page resumé? LMK...


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