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If You're a Female Entrepreneur, Now May Be Your Time

"Over the last 10 years", says Stephen Halasnik. Co- Founder and managing partner of financial solutions, "We've found that women-owned businesses are much better run than male businesses."

Now, after reading this doesn't it empower you to start that business you've always wanted to start? This just proves to me what I already know and that is women are stronger than people realize. We are most definitely more organized and this is a huge part to running a business. Not only are women statistically more responsible, but also are more reliable. There are millions of dollars out there that the Small Business Association (SBA) puts aside specifically for women owned businesses. Funds are by far the most important part to starting up a business, but don't let deter you from following your dreams. If you have your business plan, you can submit it for a SBA grant; which in case you don't know what that means... YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY IT BACK. It is literally a gift to your business to help you keep going/get started.

Women must realize "failure is feedback," says Cait Scudder. It's going to happen, and you need to accept it, reassess, and move on.

If you don't feel the confidence to begin now consider finding a mentor. A mentor is someone you can really let guide you through your career by learning from their failures and successes. Women In Hospitality strives to connect women with mentors and mentees. You can join our FREE mentorship program here.

As always here are some things to keep you organized:

-xox WIH

Here is a great resource you can read to get more info on women grants.

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