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Put Your Best Mani Forward

There are many ways to express yourself and a great manicure is the perfect way to look put together and I'm not talking about necessarily going into the salon weekly or biweekly. I don't know about you, but during quarantine I definitely mastered the stay at home mani thanks to Olive and June. It's worth it to mention though that at some places a polish change only costs $7-$10. For me, I always have to have a manicure unless I'm letting my nails have a break, which is rare. It's very important to have your nails looking clean and manicured when dealing with business. Nothing says "I'm sloppy." more than unmanicured nails. That does not mean you have to have color on your nails by the way.

Your hands can tell a lot about you that's why it's so important to always look presentable when you're in the office or zoom meetings. My favorite way of expressing myself is standing out in red. A classy red nail is a powerful statement. It's a bold color for a bold girl that lets people know you mean business.

Always a classy statement is the one and only ballerina slippers by Essie or of course- funny bunny by OPI.

Nothing says you're a lady like a baby pink. So, when in doubt just go with the lighter colors. It doesn't draw attention to your hands but definitely makes you feel comfortable. But then again who wants to stay in their comfort zone?

What's your favorite color statement?

xox- WIH

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