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Reshaping The Careers Of Women In The Hospitality Industry

Travel and tourism may be up as global levels of wealth increase, but there are fewer qualified hospitality workers across the entire industry and the ever evolving market dynamics are leading to the creation of brand new types of jobs in the sector.

Let's keep this short; now is your time to get ahead. The Covid crisis made people realize how important traveling really is to them. My company doubled its revenue of September2019 in September 2021... Positions that were once never an option are now some of the most sought out. For example, have you ever heard of "content marketing specialist" or "data scientist"? This is just the beginning. You could now be overqualified for the position you were in before Covid. Employers are desperate to hire new employees and can't get anyone in the door because they are making more at home sitting on their couch. Be the one that shows up at HR telling them why they need to hire you today.

The increased complexity and evolution of the hospitality industry now give women the opportunity to show off hard and soft skills. Women have a lot more soft skills than men do. If you think about it, the hospitality industry requires a lot of patience and nurturing for guests and women were literally born with both; men have to learn those qualities. Women tend to be more culturally aware, good at multitasking, and even more sensitive to the situation at hand which allows them to analyze a resolution to an issue much better than a man could; in my humble opinion.

Really, my whole point here is that you can get ahead during this time. As much as we feel things are back to normal they aren't. Figure out what you're good at and pitch to your dream employer why they need you and this position. Companies need employees in the hospitality industry.

As always, make sure you look good when you march in there and demand that job:

-xoxo WIH

For more information regarding my sources read this article.

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